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Centreof Research Excellence in Nutrition and Metabolism Institute for Medical Research, National Institute of Republic of Serbia, University of Belgrade, Serbia

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Centar za izuzetna istrazivanja iz oblasti ishrane i metabolizma, Institut za medicinska istrazivanja, Univerzitet u Beogradu, Institut od nacionalnog znacaja za Republiku Srbiju






Tadeusa Koscuska 1 Belgrade 11000, Serbia
11000 Belgrade

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She is recognized public health nutrition scientists, actively engaged in research on nutrition, food composition data bases, public health nutrition epidemiology, harmonization of the dietary intake assessment, nutrient recommendations, food and nutrition policy, Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy Diets, nutritional tools development and research infrastructure for food and nutrition research, preschool and schoolchildren nutrition improvement , diet and health and capacity development in food and nutrition specific for CEE countries. She had leading and active role in national and international food and nutrition research projects (EC FP6 and FP7 NoE projects, including EURRECA, EuroFIR, BaseFood, CHANCE, EuroFIR-Nexus, BACCHUSS, ODIN, four EFSA projects and member of project advisory board in Euro DISH project). Dr. Gurinović is a Chair of the Network for Capacity development in Nutrition in CEE Countries (CAPNUTRA) ( which was established in 2005 in FAO in Budapest and contributed to food & nutrition capacity development in this region. She has over 300 published peer-review papers, abstracts, and reports in national and international journals. Dr. Gurinovic is a member of numerous professional expert groups including: ‘’EU Think Tank’’ FOOD 2030, Dietary Patterns for Health and Sustainability in the WHO European Region Europe, Expert Group on 'Evaluation of New Methods for Dietary Intake Assessment', EFSA Scientific Network on Food Consumption Data, Nutrition Expert Group in European Heart Network where she contributed to the European food and nutrition recommendations for cardiovascular diseases prevention. She was coordinator of the Regional Symposium on Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy Diets in Europe and Central Asia, A joint FAO/WHO Regional Symposium and initiative in collaboration with UNICEF and WFP held in Budapest, Hungary, 4-5 December 2017


Research team leader

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