Food information that must be provided to the consumers from 2014 in the European Union

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La información alimentaria que debe ser facilitada al consumidor a partir de 2014 en la Unión Europea






The new Regulation (EU) nº 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers modifies existing food labeling provisions in the European Union to allow consumers to make informed choices and to make safe use of food, and at the same time ensure the free movement of legally produced and marketed food. It shall apply from 13 December 2014, with the exception of the provisions concerning the nutrition declaration, which shall apply from 13 December 2016. There are numerous questions about whether the current regulation is appropriate for solving some problems and if it means more consumer protection. The purpose of this essay is to tackle some controversial subjects through analysis of the Regulation and through the examination of the Document “Questions and Answers on the application of the Regulation 1169/2011” published in 2013 by the Commission Health and Consumer Directorate General. More technical information requirements are not always a sign of more comprehensibility for the consumers.

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Regulation (EU); Food information; Consumers; Food labeling; Consumer protection



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Francisco Cerrato



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