Agritourism and the Mediterranean gastronomy: the case of the northern Adriatic

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Turizem na podeželju in mediteranska prehrana – primer severnega Jadrana






The Slovenian tourist strategy exposes the mezzo-geographic region of South Primorska as a (single) tourist area named Obala in Kras (the Coast and the Karst). In the hinterland of the Mediterranean coast, often along well-established wine-routes, rural tourism has its long standing tradition. Restaurants of the region and farmhouses offer in a certain time-span or all year-round authentic food products. The North-Adriatic Mediterranean geographic regions of Karst and Slovene Istria are in the development strategies of Slovenia defined as gastronomic region. The pedological base, climatic conditions with an intensive exchange of air between the mainland and the sea have a decisive impact on food production. A high proportion of protection of food products with designation of origin and geographical indication keeps several centuries of experience, practice and tradition awake. The power of nature contributes to the distinctive sensory characteristics of the cuisine which include dried meats, wines, olive oils, and - of course - delicacies from the sea. This places the region into the family of the Mediterranean gastronomic regions. Local/regional products keep traditionally their original flavor, add elegance and inviting look. With new skills in preparing dishes from their substantial ingredients new original flavors are extracted. In doing so they still preserve the classical nutritional value. The specific knowledge of the food production is the main motive for food providers/farmers in rural environments to keep the quality tourists' expect to find there. We should therefore maintain a respectful attitude towards food - in particular to those with innovative gastronomic qualities. Own, local, regional food production should keep the rural countryside alive. Through its quality it will reflect the culture of the nation.

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Gastronomic region; Karst; Slovenian Istria; Authentic food



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Mateja Ambrožič